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Digital creations

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video, as proven by related research, brings multiple customers and, by extension, sales. The services we provide come to bridge the needs of modern businesses with the up-to-date technological innovations.

Corporate and product videos

Increase the interaction of your company with the consumer audience.

Live event coverage

Keep your company’s most important events alive.

Live Streaming Broadcasts

Spread your message everywhere in real time.

Creating Social Media content

Create digital media content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Video editing

Create the right script that will optimize your content’s performance.

Rental of our studio

The studio space is available for rental with or without our equipment and our technical team.

Corporate and product videos

Promote your company and its products by creating videos aimed at projecting the value and dynamics of your business as you envision it. Short or longer in-studio, on-site or outdoor videos that tell a story can highlight your competitive advantages and set you apart in the eyes of consumers.

Coverage of live events

Keep alive the most important events of your company, conferences, informative events and any other event that you consider of great importance for the image of your business.

Visual World has the equipment and know-how to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

Live streaming shows

With the advent of the pandemic, the trend to organize online events on social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., increased exponentially. Visual World having started covering such broadcasts much earlier, has the ability to support their implementation even remotely.

Shows for professional youtubers and influencers, broadcasts and informative events can be transmitted live on the internet reaching audiences regardless of location, while their online broadcasting allows them to be watched at any time.

Creating Social Media content

Target a wider audience by creating audiovisual projects accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. By including people who have their own communication difficulties, we take a step towards an inclusive and without stereotypes society that accepts everyone’s diversity.

Video editing

Visual World undertakes the editing of the client’s existing digital material or of a new one that will be recorded by our creative team, after analysis of the scenario and preparation of the work plan by our company’s project manager.

Rental of our studio

If you do not own a studio that meets the specifications you desire for videography, you can rent our own studio with or without the technological and lighting equipment that we use for your professional shooting or filming.

In addition, Visual World will make available a member of the technical team to advise, support and supervise the proper operation and optimal use of the rental equipment.

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